The ore carrier "STOIC"

The ore carrier "STOIC" (70,334 GT) laden with 108,117 L/T of coal and 29,614 L/T of iron ore destined for Nippon Steel Company, Tobata stranded off Sekibisho on August 19, 1979 and eventually was totally lost.
This office was retained by cargo interests. The stranding was witnessed by those on board the fishing boat "SHOEI MARU NO.3" (13 GT) then engaged in bonito fishing by means of pole-and-line. They described "We were fishing at the west of the Sekibisho. The big vessel having appeared on the horizon approached straight Sekibisho and kept the course and speed until she hit the underwater reef. When she stranded, a huge red dust was seen blast high up in the air from the upper deck."
As a result of the investigation, it was revealed that the 3rd officer on duty was uncertificated. The case was heard in an arbitration in New York. An arbitration award held in favor of the cargo interests was confirmed by the U.S. District Court for the Southern District of New York which also denied Shipowner's petition for limitation of liability as a matter of law.
Photo 1 shows the "STOIC" aground with Sekibisho Island in the background. Note that the bow is down due to ingress of water into cargo holds in the fore.

Photo 2 shows the "STOIC" aground under watch of a Japanese Coast Guard vessel. Note the strong ocean current breaking near the hull.