Collision between "SOLIDARITY" and  "VENUS"

At about 19:03 hours on December 17, 1980, during a crossing situation, the bulbous bow of the M.V. "SOLIDARITY" (9,268 GT), of the port of Sharjah, came into collision with the port quarter outer shell plating of the container carrier "VENUS" (1,998 GT), of the port of Busan, off Futaoi-Shima Island, Japan. Both vessels were making way at estimated speed of 9 knots and the angle of blow was calculated at nearly right angles. As a result, an immense hole of "O" shape was punched in the port quarter of the "VENUS" in way of the accommodation and the engine room.
Photo1 Photo2 Photo3
Photos 1, 2 and 3 show the crushed bulbous bow of the "SOLIDARITRY".
Photo4 Photo5 Photo6
Photos 4, 5 and 6 indicate the huge hole on the "VENUS".
The accordioned shell plate shown on photo 6 illustrates that the shell plates were of mild steel, generally used for vessels' construction.