The motor bulk carrier "NING HAI"

The motor bulk carrier "NING HAI" (17,119 GRT), of the port of Shanghai, laden with 17,850 MT of Canadian Rapeseed in bulk bound for Japanese ports went aground off Ketoy Island, Kuriles at about 06:45 hours (local time) on 2nd of November 1996. The stranding was witnessed by those on board the fishing boat "PYOTR ILYIN" (1,191 GT). Her Master reported, "The vessel appeared on the radar screen 10 miles off the Ketoy. She came straight on course 260 degrees at a speed of 14 knots, passed through the area where fishing boats were drifting and went aground."


Photo 1 represents condition of the "NING HAI" aground in the morning of November 5, 1996 as observed from "KAPITAN SERGIEVSKIY" (4,827 GT). Note that the keel of "NING HAI" is already broken.

Photo 2, reproduced from video tape of the Russian fishing watcher "ANDREY EVDOKIMOV" taken in the afternoon of November 5, 1996, shows cracks and wrinkles in the vicinity of cargo hold No.3.
Photo 3, taken by "ANDREY EVDOKIMOV" on November 8, 1996, indicates that the hull was broken into two, the fore part listed slightly to port, while the aft part listed considerably to starboard.
Photo 4, represents bow section taken by the "ANDREY EVDOKIMOV" on November 8, 1996. Apparently the starboard bow anchor was dropped while the port bow anchor was secured fast to anchor recess.